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Ice Wyrm
Article © MAIL User: Zuriel

Ice Wyrm, like it's close cousin Fire Wyrm, is a simple variation of Full Persian 6 in 1. Just like Fire Wyrm, it uses half orbital, half captive rings to stretch the weave, and requires a large aspect ratio to make. Unlike Fire Wyrm, however, the axis the rings stretch on switches every other time. Hopefully, this Tutorial can help you make it.

Step 1: To start, make two units of Full Persian 6-1. For an easily understood explanation of how: check kateryne's FP 6-1 Tutorial: Full Persian 6 in 1 (CGI), and follow steps one and two.
Image: picno1.jpgImage: picno2.jpg

Step 2: Next, squeeze the pattern. When viewed from the end, you will see a double x formation. Put two rings through the outer extremities of the double x. It should look like this:
Image: picno3.jpgImage: picno4.jpg

Step 3: Next, continue the Full Persian base pattern another step. Either follow the pictures, or check Full Persian 6 in 1 (CGI) again.
Image: picno5.jpgImage: picno6.jpg

Step 4: This next step is where Fire Wyrm and Ice Wyrm part ways. Instead of putting two rings through the same double x pattern, flip the chain on it's side, squeeze it again, and put two rings through the new double x. It should look like this:
Image: picno7.jpg

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the chain is of the desired length.
Image: picno8.jpg
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