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Spring Clasps
Article © MAIL User: thexnihil

Tools needed:
Something to hammer metal on

These clasps are easy to make, and can be made with most metals. The key is that they are work hardened at the end. I suggest, for most harder metals, that you anneal it before you start to bend the shape of the clasp.

Image: meclasp1.jpgStep 1: First take the piece of wire you are going to use and bend the end of it into a ring shape. I personally like to overlap it a bit if i'm not going to braze or weld the loop shut.
Image: meclasp2.jpgStep 2: If you overlapped, or welded the loop (even if you didn't do either) the next step is to hammer JUST the end loop flat. This will work harden it, and flatten it out.
Image: meclasp3.jpgNext you need to flatten the remainder of the wire. I prefer to flatten it so when you have to bend it, the bend is bending through the thinner side (i.e. hold the loop vertical while you're flattening it). This will further work harden the metal.
Image: meclasp4.jpgNow the final step. Make the necessary bends in order to complete the clasp (shown left). You might want to overlap the end of the clasp a bit while you're calibrating the 'spring' action. This type of clasp becomes a nice spring with metals as soft as brass and bronze, though it works fairly well with all metals.

Happy clasping.
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