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Power Coiling Small Wire on Small Mandrels
Article © MAIL User: Celtic_Chainman

I have heard that some people have difficulty in power winding mini coils, such as a 20 g. 1/8" ID, since no hole can be drilled in the mandrel. Also, hand winding a bit, and clamping it into the chuck of a drill mars soft metals, like gold, silver, and copper. The way I do it saves all the material for use. Well, as much as can be used accounting trimming the ends for the best link possible.

First, bend the end of the wire at a 90 degree angle. Easy enough... I make the bend about half an inch to an inch long.
Image: step1.jpg

Now, clamp your mandrel into your drill, and look at it. See the openings in between the sections of the chuck? That is where your wire goes. With luck, the length of the wire will be sufficient to keep it in place while you wind it.
Image: step2.jpg

So, slip the end of the wire into the chuck, and turn the head of the drill three or four times, to start the coil, and get everything lined up right. I run all of my coils with the drill in reverse. Makes weaving easier for a right handed person. In my case, at least.
Image: step3.jpg
Image: step4.jpg

Now, run your coil. Be VERY careful, as power coiling can slice you up pretty good. I have never had a bad one from small guage wire, but those ends will cut through a leather glove. Use the proper precautions to keep your hand safe. No amount of production increase is worth bodily harm.
Image: step5.jpg

Then, release the tension, and slip your coil free. Turn the tail around, and run it along the mandrel, in the same line as yourcoil, to use up the last of the wire, that held it into place on the drill. Snip off of your roll, and you're done! A perfect coil!
Image: step6.jpg

Now, I have not bothered coming up with a wooden jig for this setup, as it is so handy to use in the lap that I just... never bothered. But I am a bad example for that one.... Be better than me! Try and design a feasible wooden holster, and make it as hands free as possible!

Happy weaving!

The Celtic Chainman
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