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Making and Using A Chainmail Jig
Article © MAIL User: Josiah_Bishop

This is the way to make a ring making thing. All you will need is a ruler or tape measure, a pencil, a hammer, and a punch if you're going to make your gig out of steel. Though if you're wanting to make the gig out of wood, you're not going to need the hammer or the punch. Also you're going to need a drill box.

Here is a picture of the tools and things you're going to need:

Image: 1.jpg

The wood or steel that you can use is the length that you want, though I found that a 4x4, 3 inches long is a good length for it.

Like this:

Image: 2.jpg

First you need to put the lines where you want the holes to be drilled on the wood or still box gig you're making like this:

Image: 3.jpg
Image: 4.jpg

The holes will have to be the size of the bar that you're wanting to use for it and the second hole you will drill in the first hole. Only drill the second hole half way in so that the hole in your bar will line up with the hole you will drill in the top to put the wire through.

Like this picture here:

Image: 5.jpg
Image: 7.jpg

The holes on the top are where you will put the wire, like the picture shows. All you do is put the wire through the top hole on the box and then line it up on the hole on the bar and then start winding it up on the bar. Like this:

Image: 12.jpg

Then after you get the bar and the wire rings and everything like the picture here:

Image: 10.jpg

Then take the spring off the bar and start cutting them off.

Image: 9.jpg

This is how I have made the winding of the rings fun and cool and a whole lot faster than my last way of making the spring. So go out and make your own gig like this. I found that it cuts the ring-making in half the time of most things that I have tried to do. So have fun!!

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