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Article © MAIL User: Noldolantë

Lutra needs two (or if you prefer, three) ring sizes and one wire diameter. The horizontal (large) rings should probably have an AR of about 5-6, and the vertical (small) rings an AR of around 4. My favorite sizes for this weave are 20ga (.032”) 1/8” and 3/16”. Another set that works is 16ga (.062”)1/4” and 5/16”, and I’m sure equivalent aspect ratios in any wire gauge would be fine.

The reason you might want to use three ring sizes is that the two small rings on the side of each ‘triangle’ have a tendency to flop around. To reduce this, you can use a smaller ring size for these; such as 3/32” if you’re using 20ga wire, or 3/16” for 16ga.

In this tutorial, red rings are the new rings in each step, and silver rings are from previous steps.

Step one:
Start with a large ring that has three small rings on it (if you’re using three ring sizes, the two small rings on the outside should be your smallest rings, and the one in the middle should be your medium size). You can pre-make a bunch of these units; just make sure to leave the large ring open in all but this first one.
Image: dplutratutorial1.jpg

Step two:
Place a large ring through the middle small ring from step one, this large ring should also have three small rings on it (I weave Lutra with most of the small rings pre-closed).
Image: dplutratutorial2.jpg

Step three:
Place two large rings through all three of the small rings from step one, on either side of the large ring from step two.
Image: dplutratutorial3.jpg

This is what it should look like from the side.
Image: dplutratutorial4.jpg

Just repeat steps two and three to lengthen the chain.

Now, you could stop here, but Lutra is unstable as a chain; and I personally think it makes a much better sheet.

Step four:
Connecting the chains into a sheet is very simple. Just lay two chains side-by-side, facing the same way, and place a small ring through three large rings from each chain.
Image: dplutratutorial5.jpg

Here it is from a different angle.
Image: dplutratutorial6.jpg

Step five:
Keep adding small rings all the way down the chains.
Image: dplutratutorial7.jpg

You can connect as many chains as you like, and extend any of them to create the size sheet you want.
Image: dplutratutorial8.jpg
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