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Poor Man's Vibratory Tumbler
Article © MAIL User: anon

Making a 'Poor Man's Vibratory Tumbler'

This is a simple tutorial for making a cheap vibratory tumbler.

Once you've made the tumbler you'll need some tumbling media,
some cheap forms are:

Rice, sand (may be abrasive), flour (said to give a high polish)
and Poor Man's Shot (cut up your left over bits of wire so they are
about 5-10mm long, run them in the tumbler for a few hours at least
before adding anything to be polished).

To make a Poor Man's Vibratory Tumbler you will need the following:

Vibratory Sander
2L Paint tin (Clean)
4 short screws with large heads
Tumbling media
Image: anonvibetumbler01.jpg

Before you start make sure the sander is unplugged, and please be

These instructions show how I modified my own sander, if your sander
is a different design you may need to adapt the design.

Turn the sander upside-down.
Image: anonvibetumbler02.jpg

Remove the sand-paper.
Image: anonvibetumbler03.jpg

Remove screws holding base plate in place.
Image: anonvibetumbler04.jpg

Remove the base plate.
Image: anonvibetumbler05.jpg

Remove claps for holding the sandpaper in place.
Image: anonvibetumbler06.jpg

Put the base plate back in place.
Image: anonvibetumbler07.jpg

Screw the base plate back in place and place the paint tin in the
center of the sander and mark its outer edge.
Image: anonvibetumbler08.jpg

Remove the paint tin.
Image: anonvibetumbler09.jpg

Screw in one of the large headed screws so its head will push down
on the lip on the bottom of the tin.
Image: anonvibetumbler10.jpg

Repeat for the second screw.
Image: anonvibetumbler11.jpg

And the third.
Image: anonvibetumbler12.jpg

Slide the tin under the first three screws.
Image: anonvibetumbler13.jpg

Screw the fourth screw into place and gently tighten the other screws
to push the tin into the padding on the bottom of the sander (to help
prevent it from moving).
Image: anonvibetumbler14.jpg

Load your media into the tumbler and let it run for a few hours. You should do this in short spurts
as the sanders are probably not designed to be run constantly.

If you are planning to use this as a wet tumbler put a lid on the tin and turn the tumbler on and off at
the power point: water + metal + electricity = bad!

Improvements that could be made include placing the sander in a vise, and using a timer switch to
ensure that the tumbler isn't run too long.

Please post questions and comments here.
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