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Article © MAIL User: Corvus

Image: variation.jpg

For the purpose of this article I have used 1mm wire in 6&3mm ID (5&3mm ID works well too).

To make an Aura unit you will need 7 large rings closed and 12 small rings open.
Image: open_rings.jpg

Next join 3 pairs of large rings with 3 pairs of small rings to 1 large ring.
Image: joined_links.jpg

Fold over 1 pair of large rings and add 2 small rings like this.
Image: stage3.jpg

Do this 3 times so that you have this.
Image: unit_.jpg

This is an Aura unit, you can have 2 or 1 ring at the bottom, this is a unit with 1.
Image: unit_with_1.jpg

Then join the units together like this (or any way you choose).
Image: joined_units.jpg
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