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Article © MAIL User: ChaosSeraphim

Image: chaoscoil.jpg
This tutorial Submitted and coded by Chaos Seraphim

Leviathan is a weave that I discovered during an attempt at Full Persian 6 in 1. It has a few characteristics of Full Persian and Helm Chain. The rings used are 12 ga (2mm) galvanized 22mm AID with an AR of 8.3. Enjoy.

Step One Start by making as 2-2-2 chain.
Image: chaos1.jpg

Step Two Overlap the outside sets of rings (green) in your 2-2-2 chain and add two new rings (red) through all four rings, these new rings must go between the two rings from the center of the chain (blue).
Image: chaos2a.jpgImage: chaos2b.jpg

From this point on the new rings will all be blue and the rings from the previous step will all be red.

Step Three Add two more rings to start the repetitious steps in the chain.
Image: chaos3a.jpgImage: chaos3b.jpg

Step Four Add two more rings and connect them like in step two. You want to maintain the persian pattern on ONLY one side.(shown in the left picture) You want to stagger the other side in an alternating "in-out" pattern (shown in the right picture).
Image: chaos4a.jpgImage: chaos4b.jpg

Step Five Now the chain is long enough to add the last set of rings. Add a single ring between the overlap of the staggered rings (the area shown circled in red). This ring should end in the loose gap at the previous link (the area shown circled in blue).
Image: chaos5a.jpgImage: chaos5b.jpgImage: chaos5c.jpg

To continue the chain from this point repeat steps 3, 4, and 5.

Thanks for reading this and enjoy.
Image: chaospentacle.jpg

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