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Wire Winding
Article © MAIL User: anon

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Making a 'Wire Winder'

This is a simple tutorial for making a 'Wire Winder' which will let you
wind strands of wire together to form a 'wire rope' (I use a 3 stranded
wire rope for some of my turk's head knot rings)

For this tutorial we will make a 3 strand wire winding bit, (you can
make wire winders for other numbers of strands but I find 3 strands
works particularly well) it should be easy to work out how to modify
the wire winding bit to suit other numbers of strands).

Making the Wire Winding Bit

To make the wire winding bit you'll need the following....
20 cm of 1.5mm thick Galvy Wire (other stiff wire will do)
Wire Cutter
Electric drill
Pliers (preferably of the 'round nosed' variety)
Image: anonroundnose.jpg

Grasp the wire about 5cm from one end with the round nosed pliers
(we'll call the 5cm part the shaft)
Image: anonwirewindertut01.jpg

Bend the longer end of the wire around the end of the pliers so it
forms a loop.
Image: anonwirewindertut02.jpg

Continue bending so a second loop is formed next to the first.
Image: anonwirewindertut03.jpg

Bend the wire back down so it lies parallel to the shaft.
Image: anonwirewindertut04.jpg

Form another pair of loops at 120 degrees to the first pair.
Image: anonwirewindertut05.jpg
Image: anonwirewindertut06.jpg

Bend the wire back up so it lies parallel to the shaft.
Image: anonwirewindertut07.jpg

Form another pair of loops at 120 degrees to the first and second
Image: anonwirewindertut08.jpg

Cut off any excess wire
Image: anonwirewindertut09.jpg

Put the shaft in the drill and turn the drill on. if the three loops don't
spin around in a circle bend the shaft until they do (stop the drill
when you are going to bend the shaft).
Image: anonwirewindertut10.jpg

There you have your completed wire winder, the next step is to
wind the wire into wire rope ...

To wind the wire you'll need ...
Pliers to grip the wire
fine wire
Electric drill
Wire Cutters
the wire winding bit we made earlier

For your own safety you should wear eye protection, and gloves,
and only use fine wire for this, the thicker the wire the greater the

Cut 3 strands of fine wire. Winding them will shorten the length of the
wire so make sure you leave some extra (I normally add about 20%).
You will also need to add about 10cm (4 inch) to cover wire that will
be used up attaching to the bit and grasped by the pliers). So to make
30cm of wire rope I would use 3 strands, each 46cm long.

Put the wire winding bit in the drill, then thread the end of a strand
through one of the loops, and then twist it around itself 5 or 6 times
Image: anonwirewindertut11.jpg

Repeat with the other strands through the other loops.
Image: anonwirewindertut12.jpg

Pull the strands taut, grasp the ends with the pliers, and then wrap the
wire around the pliers 2 or 3 times
Image: anonwirewindertut13.jpg

While keeping the wire taut use the drill to spin the wire winding bit,
until you are happy with the look of the wire.
Image: anonwirewindertut14.jpg

Cut the rough ends off the wire and you're finished.

Tip: Try to avoid having slack in the wire or kinks as they will prevent
an even twist to the wire rope.

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