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Olivia Byzantine
Article © MAIL User: Delireus

I need to start out with saying that I didn't make this weave up, I don't know who did...but i found it here: [Ed- Link Dead -- This weave is in our library as Lylo] Nice little site. And I'd also not be surprised if this was already posted here, I looked, but didn't really see anything like it. I thought it was nice, I'm making a bag out of it now. It's called Olivia Byzantine, but after you make sheet of it, to me, it looks like a waffle, so that's what I call it, waffle weave thing.

Also, sorry for the bad pics :/ And, one needs to know how to make Byzantine. Tutorial: Byzantine.

(I'm using 16 gauge 1/4" ID aluminum, because it's the only rings i have...I'm fairly sure that any ring is good, though [Well, not *any* ring will work -- Ed.])

Image: step1.jpg

Step 1: You need to start out with a few single pieces of Byzantine, like the picture. You'll actually need a lot to make a sheet...but to get started, 3 is a good number.

Image: step1color.jpg

(this is just to show the connection rings) Bluish-purple colors connect by 1 ring, the pinks do, green, and yellow, you get it.

Image: step2.jpg

Step 2: Connect the said bluish-purple rings together with 1 ring.

Image: step3.jpg

Step 3: Now, the pink ones.

Image: step4.jpg

Step 4: It's just the same thing, you add the third byzantine single to the middle one. The green rings go together by 1 connector and the yellows do also. It's just like steps 2 and 3, repeat repeat repeat.

Image: step5first.jpg

Step 5: This is one big sheet of this weave. You see, every connector ring has 4 other rings in it. Conveniently color coded for you, there is step 4 in the big sheet.

Image: step5second.jpg

Here is step 4 again, just repeated, so you can see how it connects to everything. I hope I'm explaining this ok.

Image: finished.jpg

There you go. What I do is make the single byzantine pieces first, like 6 at a time, and then connect them to make a small 2 by 3 sheet, then connect that to others to build up a big sheet. I'd also suggest some of those handy bent nosed pliers, it's a bit difficult to connect the connectors at times, tight fitting and all.
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