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Wrapping a Stone for Pendants
Article © MAIL User: Zuriel

Pendants for chainmaille necklaces can get slightly tricky when there are no holes in the stone desired for a pendant. It is less a matter of instruction, and more a process of trial and error, trying a stone two or three times to get it right. However, there is a simple and versatile way to wrap most stones securely.
Image: unwrappedpendant.jpg
In this demonstration i will be using a roughly triangular piece of what i think is rose quartz, but you can use just about any stone, AS LONG AS YOUR WIRE IS STRONG ENOUGH TO HOLD IT. Bigger stones: stronger wire.
Image: horizontalcoil.jpg
To start, make a horizontal coil of wire of any size, depending on the stone, and whatever look you're going for. This will be the bottom of the pendant.
Image: largercoil.jpg
After making the bottom, you need to make a larger, loose vertical coil that will fit around the stone, assuming its basic shape. You'll want to be sure that the wire will keep the stone from moving in any direction. This is the hit-and-miss part of wrapping a stone, because stones have a nasty habit of exploiting holes in a bad wrapping, and getting lost forever. But the usual rule is: the bigger the stone, the more times around.
Image: fittedpendant.jpg
Once you have estimated with the coil, you insert the stone itself, and tighten or loosen the sides for an exact fit. Wrap the wire over the top of the stone to hold it firmly against the bottom. When you're done with that, I recommend you give it some experimental nudges and a good amount of shaking to make sure it's secure, but be sure there is no chance of losing the stone by flinging it accidentally. Do it next to a wall's corner so it won't go flying off to who knows where.
Image: finalproduct.jpg
Finally, you need to make a loop at the top of the stone and clip it off, and voila! You have a wire-wrapped stone pendant. Variations on this simple product abound, and can be made to fit almost any style. Stones of all shapes and sizes can be wrapped in this manner, making possibilities plentiful
Image: otherstones.jpg

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