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(Speed Weaving)
Article © MAIL User: anon

Speed weaving Byzantine

This is how I speed weave Byzantine ... hopefully it's of use to you.

Byzantine can be described in many ways, for the purpose of speed weaving. I'll describe it as base units of 10 rings joined to other base units by two rings.

There are two parts to my technique,

Part 1 is creating the base units and Part 2 is joining them to form a chain.

To make a base unit you will need 6 closed rings and 4 open rings
(see below closed rings are on the left) Or if you already know how to make 2-2-2-2-2 units make a few and skip to part 2.

Image: anontutbyz1.jpg

Step 1. Gather 4 closed rings on a open ring and close it

Image: anontutbyz2.jpg

Step 2. Put another open ring through the same 4 rings and close it,
This should give you a chain of doubled rings (also known as a 2-2-2 unit)

Image: anontutbyz3.jpg

Step 3. Put an open ring through two rings at the end of the chain,
add two closed rings and then close it.

Image: anontutbyz4.jpg

Step 4. Put another open ring through the same 4 rings as the ring
in step 3 and close it. This should give you a chain of doubled rings
5 rings long (also known as a 2-2-2-2-2 unit). this is a base unit for byzantine.

Image: anontutbyz5.jpg

Make some more base units ...

Part 2. Joining the base units.

To join base units to form a chain you will need 2 base units and two open rings.

Image: anontutbyz6.jpg

Step 1. Fold back the end rings and place the open ring through the folded back rings.
(sorry I can't express it better in words hopefully the picture helps)

Image: anontutbyz7.jpg

Step 2. Fold back the end rings on the other base unit the same way and hook
the open ring through these as well.

Image: anontutbyz8.jpg

Step 3. Close the ring (it should be going through 4 rings in total)

Image: anontutbyz9.jpg

Step 4. Take the other open ring and pass it through the same 4 rings and close it.

Image: anontutbyz10.jpg

Done! you can repeat this process to keep joining base units on to the end of the chain.

I hope this tutorial makes sense, if you have any difficulties please pm me.
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