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Helm Chain The Easy Way
Article © MAIL User: rengoddess

Ever found Helm Chain weave frustrating? Scratching and wasting rings trying to get that last ring in each step wedged in? Well this is the easy way. I learned about helm here but I found this way from a fellow mailer friend.

For this piece I used 16 gauge 5/15” (Ed -- probably 5/16" rings) rings and 18 gauge 3/16” anodized aluminum rings. Outer rings are in teal, inner rings are in aluminum, small rings are violet.

1). Start out with 4 large closed rings and 2 open small rings.
Image: figure1.jpg

2). Connect the 4 large rings with the 2 small and lay them out as shown:
Image: figure2.jpg

3). Add 2 more small rings to the end of 1 of the 2 pairs of large rings (these rings will also help you in case you set it down and forget which end you were working on).
Image: figure3.jpg

4). Take 1 open ring and thread it in between (not through) the 2 large rings on the left (the ones that have small rings on both sides).
Image: figure4.jpg

5). Fold back the large rings attached on only one side w/ small rings. Fold one ring on each side. Close the inner ring around the small rings. Then take the large folded back rings and put them back in place over the inner ring (silver).
Image: figure5a.jpg Image: figure5b.jpg

6). Add but do not close 2 small rings to the end of the large rings you just folded back. Add 2 more large rings then close.
Image: figure6.jpg

7). Repeat steps 4-6 till desired length. See the result of your less-than-hard work!
Image: figure7.jpg
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