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Speed Weaving European 6 in 1 Triangles
Article © MAIL User: Aderamelech

This article will show you a method of “speed weaving” European 6 in 1 triangles. Speed weaving simply means to weave using a combination of open and pre-closed rings. This method could easily be modified to speed weave regular 6-1 sheet.

Step 1- Begin with a strip of European 6-1, three rings wide.
Image: spw611.jpg

Step 2- Pass one ring through three rings on the edge of the E6-1 strip. Place three closed rings on this new ring, and close the ring. If you are making a triangle, be sure your new unit of three is at least two rings in from the edge of the strip (as pictured below).
Image: spw612.jpg

Step 3- Add an open ring, passing through three rings on the original strip, and two of the three closed rings from step 2.
Image: spw613.jpg

Step 4- Add a closed ring to the open ring added in step four. Then close this ring.
Image: spw614.jpg

Step 5- This step closely mimics Step 2. Add three closed rings, using a single 6-1 connector ring. These new rings should be right next to the rings we have added so far, (as pictured below).
Image: spw615.jpg

Step 6- Add a new 6-1 connector ring. This ring should go through two rings on the left, and four on the right (or vice versa). The following pictures should help.
Image: spw616.jpg

Step 7- Add another 6-1 connection. Depending on which way you went in step 6 (two on the left, or four on the left) put this ring in the opposite way. This is the same way you connect up two pieces of 6-1.
Image: spw617.jpg

Step 8- Continue adding 6-1 connections and closed rings. If you are making a triangle, be sure to stop when you have two free rings on both sides of the original strip.
Image: spw618.jpg

Step 9- Beginning on either the left of right side of the piece, add a new ring. This ring should go through three rings on the original strip (below) and two rings on the new row (above).
Image: spw619.jpg

Step 10- Next, add another ring, one passing through three rings on the bottom, and one on the top.
Image: spw6110.jpg

Step 11- Repeat this process on the other side of the piece.
Image: spw6111.jpg

Step 12- Using your new found skills, finish adding rings to reach your desired size and shape.
Image: spw6112.jpg
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