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European 6 in 1 Triangle
Article © MAIL User: Aderamelech

This article will give you step by step instructions for weaving European 6 in 1 triangles. Before following these instructions you will need to know how to weave a piece of European 6-1 at least three rings wide.

Step 1- Here we have our piece of European 6-1 three rings wide.
Image: artt611.jpg

Step 2- Next you need to add a new row of rings. Each of these new rings will go through three rings on the piece you began with (as you normally do when adding rows to a piece of 6-1). This new row of rings should be of the same number as the number of rings in row two of the beginning piece.
Image: artt612.jpg

Step 3- Now, you add another row on to the row you finished in step two. This row should have two fewer rings then the number of rings you added in step two.
Image: artt613.jpg

Step 4- From here on, the process will be the same for each new row you add. All the new rings should go through three rings in the row you are adding them two, and each new row will have two rings fewer then the row that came before.
Image: artt614.jpg

Step 5- Here is the next row.
Image: artt615.jpg

Step 6- And the next.
Image: artt616.jpg

Step 7- And here is the piece with the last two rows finished.
Image: artt617.jpg

Step 8- Now, if you like, you can go back and finish off the angle all the way down. Go back to row two and add four rings to it, two to each side. The picture should make it fairly clear how to add these rings.
Image: artt618.jpg

Step 9- Finaly, add four more rings to the very bottom row, two on each side.
Image: artt619.jpg

And there you have it.
Image: artt6110.jpg

These steps should make it clear how one could make a 6-1 triangle in any size, just by adding or removing two rings to each new row you add to your piece of 6-1.
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