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Half Persian 4 in 1
(On a Wire)
Article © MAIL User: DruidQueen

Yay! Second tutorial! I made a tutorial for Half Persian 3 in 1 awhile back, and got a few requests for a Half Persian 4 in 1 tutorial made in the same style. If you have questions, comments, rotten tomatoes, etc, PM or e-mail me. All are accepted gladly, except the tomatoes. I guess I could figure out something to do with those.

New rings = blue
Old rings = purple/pinky color

First, take a piece of wire, and bend it into a straight line with a loopy thing on the end. The loop has to be big enough so that whatever size rings you’re using don’t fall off, but the wire can’t be so big that there’s no room to work with the ID of the rings.

Image: lizw.jpg

Step 1.
Close 4 rings and put them on the wire. Lean them in the direction shown.

Image: liz1.jpg

Step 2.
Okay, kinda tough to explain. Put an open ring through the first 2 rings, then bring it around the back and through the other 2. The pic explains it better than me.

Image: liz2.jpg

And the back.

Image: liz2b.jpg

Step 3.
Close another ring and slide it on the wire.

Image: liz3.jpg

Step 4.
Open a ring, and slide it through the 2nd and 3rd rings, and around the back of the 4th and 5th ones. The 5th one is the new one you put on in step 3.

Image: liz4.jpg

And the back.

Image: liz4b.jpg

Step 5.
Now for the goody-goody time. Hold the chain between your fingers, and pull the wire out. Let the weave sit on your finger. Put an open ring through 3 and 4, and around 5. DO NOT CLOSE IT. Sorry for screaming.

Image: liz5.jpg

Step 6.
Now, you can put a closed ring on the open one. Close it.

Image: liz6.jpg

And the back.

Image: liz6b.jpg

Step 7.
Do the same thing as in 5 and 6.

Image: liz7.jpg

And the back.

Image: liz7b.jpg

And you’re done! If you need help because I can’t explain anything for the life of me, PM or email me, and I’ll see what I can do. If you know who came up with the original idea to start the weave on a wire like this, PM or email me, and I’ll put it in the tuts as a thanks to that person. Hope ya’ll enjoy and it helps some people!
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