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(Sand Worm)
Article © MAIL User: KendallNightblade

B8FP (Sand Worm)
I apologize in advance for the crappiness of this, it is only three steps after all. I'm not to good at explaining things, but if you know how to make [weave=Box Chain] and Full Persian 6 in 1 this wont be too hard. Rings used in this are:
Full Persian - 14gu 1/2" Stainless Steel
Box - 14gu 1/2" Bright Aluminum

1)Start by making a length of Full Persian as long as you want the total piece to be. For this tutorial have the weave face so that the center rings point down, "V" as shown in the picture.
Image: swt1.jpg

2)Next add rings along the sides so that they hang loosely as shown in the following picture.
Image: swt2a.jpg

This is a side shot of the loose rings.
Image: swt2b.jpg

3)Finally add rings to complete the Box pattern, making sure the rings also pass through the "V" of the Persian and the loose hanging rings of the Box. Remember that the rings should slide freely into place. Imagine if you took the Full Persian away the Box would still be intact and still be Box.
Image: swt3a.jpg

A side view of finished B8FP (Sand Worm).
Image: swt3b.jpg

Good Luck, I hope this helped even a little bit.
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