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Dragonscale; 45 Degree Corner
Article © MAIL User: CĂșchulainn

I was curious if it were possible to make a hauberk, or shirt of some form, from the Dragonscale weave. I did a bit of research on Google and here on M.A.I.L but I could only come up with one pic here on M.A.I.L. somewhere submitted by someone at the following URL:

I used that idea to make a strap that connects at the shoulder only I moved one of the pieces to the side opposite it's position in the circle. I haven't finished the sleeve to see how it connects to the body but I theorize it'd work out okay.

Here are some pics:

I believe this would work just as well with King's Dragonscale.

I also believe it would be wise to double the rings at the 45 degree connection if one were to make a full shirt.
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