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Spiral 4 in 1
Article © MAIL User: Aderamelech

1) To start Spiral 4 in 1, close two rings around each other.
Image: spiral1.jpg

2) Add a third ring that passes through the first two.
Image: spiral2.jpg

3) Add a fourth ring that passes through the second and third rings, but not the first.
Image: spiral3.jpg

4) Add a fifth ring, passing through rings three and four, but not one and two.
Image: spiral4.jpg

5) Continue to add rings in the same way. Each new ring should go through the two preceding it. (For example the 41st ring should go through the 39th and 40th). As you go, you will see the spiral begin to develop.
Image: spiral5.jpg

Make sure as you insert new rings that you continue to spiral in the same direction. To check this, take both ends of the chain and twist them. In one direction it should form a clean spiral. In the other, just a mess. As the chain gets longer each time you put in a new ring, turn it a bit in the direction the spiral is going. This will help make sure all the rings you put in will fit correctly. Spiral chain does not hold shape on its own. It must be made into a continuous loop, or have something immobile to be anchored to. If not, it will unwind its shape. For a spiral that will not unwind, you can double, or even triple the rings. Follow the same instructions, but then go back and add another ring that follows the path of each ring already in the chain. To make a denser looking spiral, try off-setting each ring further. Instead of going through the two behind it, go through three, or even four. The extent to which you can do this will depend on the size of the rings you are using.
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