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Half Persian 3 in 1
(On a Wire)
Article © MAIL User: DruidQueen

Half Persian 3 in 1 - right leaning

Okay, so this is the first time I ever tried making a tutorial. I hope it makes sense. If you don't understand it, send me an e-mail or PM, and I'll try to help. I found a tutorial similar to this when I first started mailling, but I don't know where it came from, so I'm trying my hand at recreating the method.
New rings are pink, old rings are blue.

First off, take a piece of wire, and bend it like the one shown. You want the wire to be big enough to work with, but not too insanely huge. You also want the big eye thing on the end to keep the rings from falling off, so remember that when you bend this wire. The piece shown is 16g galvy.
Image: dqstartingwire.jpg

Step 1:
Close 2 rings. The ones used here are 16g 5/16" id. It makes the weave sort of loose, but I wanted it loose so it would be easier to see the weave. So, you put those 2 rings on the starting wire like this.
Image: dqstep1.jpg

Step 2:
The 2 rings you put on in the last step are blue now. (Old rings = blue, new = pink.) Umm, this is sort of hard to explain. The pic should show it, but I'll try a written explanation. Put the open pink ring through the first blue one, and bring it around the back of the second one. Close it.
Image: dqstep2.jpg

Step 3:
Close another ring and slide it on the wire.
Image: dqstep3.jpg

Step 4:
Pass the pink ring through the first 2 rings that are just kind of hanging on the wire. Make sure the pink ring doesn't pass through the blue ring that's not touching the wire. Once you have it through the first 2, bring it around from the back of ring 3 and close it.
Image: dqstep4.jpg

And this is what it looks like from the back.
Image: dqstep4back.jpg

Step 5:
Close another ring and slide it onto the wire.
Image: dqstep5.jpg

Step 6:
Hook the new ring through hanging rings 2 & 3. Bring it around the back of ring 4.
Image: dqstep6.jpg

Step 7:
Close a ring and slide it on the wire.
Image: dqstep7.jpg

Step 8:
Hook the new ring through hanging 3 & 4. Bring it around the back of 5. (It's the same thing as step 6.)
Image: dqstep8.jpg

Step 9:
Okay. You can take the little thing off of the wire now. It now has enough units to not fall apart. If it for some reason falls apart, fiddle around with it, slide it back on the wire, and put on another unit of HP3/1. Then take it off again.
Now slide the new ring through the last 2. Do not close it. It should look like this.
Image: dqstep9.jpg

Step 10:
Put a closed ring on that ring that was open in the last step. Close the ring.
Image: dqstep10.jpg

Step 11:
Add another ring on the last 2 rings in the weave.
Image: dqstep11.jpg

Step 12:
Continue with 10 and 11 if you want to make it longer. If you want to end it, close the ring you added in 11. This will end the weave.
Image: dqstep12.jpg

Congrats! You just made a piece of HP3/1! Hopefully, I didn't make this too hard to understand. If I did, just send me a PM or e-mail, and I'll do what I can to change it or help you. Also, if anyone knows where this idea originally came from, please send me a message or something and I'll try to put it in here.
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