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Lobster Tail
Article © MAIL User: katielynne

This is a tutorial for the weave known as "Lobster Tail", created by Lorenzo. I take no credit for the weave, but found that I had a great many a problem for some reason trying to create it from the picture alone. Hence, I decided to make a tutorial for it, being made in the easiest way I found.
As well, I used very large rings (AR of about 6.5) since I find it's easier to understand these tutorials when there's lots of space between and around the rings.

Step 1:

First off... make yourself a length of regular old Full Persian 6 in 1. There's many a tutorial for this around... so just poke around for it.

Image: lobster1.jpg

Step 2:

Now, remove one of the rows of rings as shown in the picture. This is also known as Three Quarters Persian, of which there is ALSO a tutorial for around. So if you really want, you can just skip step 1 and make this to begin with. However, I find it easier to do the 'FP 6-1 and remove a row' method.

Image: lobster2.jpg

Step 3:

Now here's what actually makes the weave. Now, that single row of rings that's left on the side? You want to put a ring through the exact same place as that ring, but only through the part that's closer to the center of the weave. The other side, instead of going through two rings, will instead just come out on top. Just look at the picture, and it makes sense. Think of it as king's-mailling that single ring, but then removing it from the upper two rings. Yeah, just follow the picture and you'll be good.

Image: lobster3.jpg

Step 4:

Now all you have to do is that exact same thing for the rest of that single row of rings. Simple as that.

Image: lobster4.jpg

As you can see, this weave actually turns out to be pretty easy to make. However, keep in mind that it'll look a LOT better with smaller rings (basically what you'd need to make a somewhat tightish Full Persian 6-1). As well, it will naturally curl with smaller rings, which is pretty much the objective for the most part :P
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