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Roundmaille - Extending an Existing Chain
Article © MAIL User: Sothpaw

This instructional is to demonstrate how to continue an already made Roundmaille chain and make it as long as you want. (I like to call it the Snake Weave).

You can find tutorials on how to start the weave by Eli here: Roundmaille (CGI; Stitch Method) or AMA Cobra here: Roundmaille (Stitch Method).

Start with the stitch method as demonstrated in the above links... I start with about 10 sets.
Depending on the orientation of your chain, follow either the left or right column
GRAY rings = existing rings
RED rings = opened ring that you close around new rings
YELLOW rings = new closed rings
For each set you need 3 open and 3 closed rings.

Image: sothpaw_roundmaille_1_1.jpg
The image above depicts how your chain should look. It may be angled differently if you are left or right handed so study the picture, and position your rings so they are close to what you see here.

Image: sothpaw_roundmaille_1_2.jpg
Take one open ring and fit it through two existing rings then add two new closed rings on top and close.

Image: sothpaw_roundmaille_1_3.jpg
Add one more open ring to the sequence passing it through one of the closed rings you just added and two existing rings. Add one new closed ring and close.

Image: sothpaw_roundmaille_1_4.jpg
Take one last open ring and finish off the set.
Keep doing this over and over again until your chain is as long as you want it to be.
If this tutorial is unclear in any way our you think i can make it more clear, feel free to contact me. (I never was a literary genius)

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