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Helm Chain
Article © MAIL User: Gnomeofdoom

Helm Chain tutorial

All horizontal rings are 18swg 1/4" rings and all vertical rings are 20swg 3/16" rings

The image on top shows you what to add, the image on bottom shows how it ought to look after you add the rings

New open rings are red

New closed rings are blue

Old rings are either white, grey, or gold to help show the pattern

Image: HCTUT1.jpg
1) Start the chain by making a simple chain using 2 small, vertical rings for every 1 large horizontal rings. Alternately you can close the small rings and weave with the larger ones open, I just find weaving the small rings easier for some strange reason. The length you make this chain will be close to the length of the final chain but will have to be slightly longer due to shrinking as you weave.

Image: HCTUT2.jpg
2) Take 1 closed ring and place it around a pair of vertical rings and on top of the horizontal rings that those vertical ones connect. This new ring will not be connected to anything in the weave but will be held in place by the rings around and in them. Take an open ring and hook it through those two vertical rings that you just put a closed one around. Now that closed one is locked in place.

Image: HCTUT3.jpg
3) Repeat step two for the length of the chain hooking the top horizontal rings into both set of vertical rings, and leaving the middle horizontal rings to be captive in the weave. Try this with the color scheme at the bottom, it's a very nice scheme using any color rings in the middle.

Image: HCTUT.jpg
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