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Magus Chain
Article © MAIL User: BMR

Magus Chain by KendallNightblade

Difficulty: Easy

Red is current step, blue is next step.

You'll need two different ring sizes for this.

1. Link two of the smaller rings around a larger ring.
Image: bmrtut02aa.jpg
2. Make two of these.
Image: bmrtut02ab.jpg
3. Link two larger rings through these two.
Image: bmrtut02ac.jpg
This is your basic unit.

4. Make another unit. Pass the two loose large rings through the smaller rings. Make sure the smaller rings face inwards forming an X.
Image: bmrtut02ad.jpg
Image: bmrtut02ae.jpg
Continue adding until you reach your desired length.

Finished product should look something like this.
Image: bmrtut02af.jpg
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