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Elven Rope
(Dark Elf)
Article © MAIL User: ~Tamal

Dark Elf is a simple weave, a variation of Elfweave. I discovered it one day while learning Elfweave. It was one of those "I wonder what would happen if..." moments. Anyway, I used 18g 3/16" rings, and those seem to work the best, in my opinion. That's about an AR of 4. It's got unique flexibility properties. It bends easier one direction than the other, and it hardly twists at all.

Start with a simple 1-1 chain about 2-3 times longer than you want the end product to be. Fold it in half, with one middle ring, as shown.

Image: begin.jpg

Now weave an open ring through the two eyes formed by the second and third pairs of rings, just like you would in weaving Elfweave. Before you close the new ring, though, bring it down over the second pair of rings, and weave it through the first pair of rings. Look at the picture. The silver ring is the new one.

Image: 2.jpg

Now do the same on the underside of the chain.

Image: 3.jpg

Keep going, until you get the length you want. It's as simple as that!

Image: finished.jpg
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