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Byzantine from 2 in 1 Chain
Article © MAIL User: MrMaigo

Byzantine from 2 in 1 Chain:

Most weaves breed from 2in1 chain and I find it the simplest way to start new weaves or continue chain/ribbon, even if it is just perspective. Building off a chain also gives you a clearly defined starting/continuing place as well as keeping tension on the weave, holding the rings in a predictable and easily repeating pattern.

So here we go with Byzantine, one of the easiest, productive and least FUBAR'able 2in1

Step 1: Starting with your piece of 2in1, fold over the 5th or so ring (A) then close a ring in the eye (B) forming 2 wings. The reason for starting several rings in is to help prevent the first unit from collapsing.
Image: byz-from-2in1--1.jpg

Step 2: Flip the chain over and fold the wings up (C) then close a ring through the eye, finishing the first unit (D).
Image: byz-from-2in1--2.jpg

Step 3: Fill in doubled connector (the first unit will need one on each side). You don't need to add the doubled connector now, but it helps with a tight AR
Image: byz-from-2in1--3.jpg

Step 4: Turn the chain 90 degrees and repeat from step one, folding over the doubled connectors.
Image: byz-from-2in1--4.jpg
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