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Article © MAIL User: Aderamelech

1) To start Byzantine, close three rings. Insert two rings through these three and close them. Position this unit as shown.
Image: bird1.jpg

2) Slide an open ring so that it passes between the two front rings in this unit. Attach this open ring to the first and third ring in the back.
Image: bird2.jpg

3) Place two closed rings on this open ring and close it.
Image: bird3.jpg

4) Add another ring that follows the same path as the ring you added in step 2.
Image: bird4.jpg

5) Add two more rings to the chain.
Image: bird5.jpg

6) Fold back the two rings you just added in step 5. Insert a ring in much the same way you did in step 2.
Image: bird6.jpg

7) Add a ring to double the one added in step 6. Add four more so that you have a doubled chain that is three rings long.
Image: bird7.jpg

8) Repeat step 6, folding back the last two rings and inserting another ring.
Image: bird8.jpg

9) Continue the same pattern. Everytime you have a doubled chain three rings long, fold the last two rings back and add more rings.
Image: bird9.jpg

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