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Gridlock Byzantine
Article © MAIL User: Nearoth

Maybe the description given with Gridlock Byzantine might be enough, but if not, here's a short tutorial.

AR of 3.5
For the tutorial I used wire 1.3 mm and ID 4.5 mm (with springback that's AR 3.5).

Step 1:
First create a strand of Gridlock (the wave will become tighter so the strand will shrink).
Image: 01.jpg
Step 2:
Start adding extra rings (2-1) on the outside.
Image: 02.jpg Image: 03.jpg
Step 3:
Fold the outside rings inwards.
Image: 04.jpg
Step 4:
Now the difficult part. From the bottom side, put a ring through rings in the following sequence: (The ring you're putting in is the red ring)
First, pass it through the blue ring (ring that's been folded inwards).
Second, through the two yellow rings (those are part of the gridlock).
Last, back out the blue.
Image: 09a.jpg
Closing it can be hard.

When you're done both sides should look the same.
Image: 07.jpg Image: 09.jpg

Hope you found it useful. If you have remarks or questions you can PM or mail me.

Happy mailing, Nearoth.
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