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Byzantine Diamond Ball
Article © MAIL User: Nearoth

This is a short tutorial on how to make a Byzantine Diamond Ball. If you can make Byzantine you can make this. The AR is bigger then for normal Byzantine chain with 2 connectors because of the bends.

I've tried an AR of 3.5, but I was unable to put the connectors in, so a slightly bigger AR would work (about an AR of 3.7).

To show it more clearly I used big rings for this tutorial -- rings of 2.0 mm wire with 8 mm ID, so an AR of 4.0, which makes it a bit more sacky.

You'll need 68 rings to make this.

Image: 15a.jpg

Enough talk let's get maillin'

Step 1:
First make four strings of doubled 2-1 euro chains of 10 rings (so 5 rings long).
Then add an open ring with two closed rings to the center two rings of the chain; then double that one to get a small star.
Image: 01.jpg
Step 2:
Now open up the remaining 12 rings.
Image: 02.jpg
Step 3:
Flip back one of the ends of the stars we made and make Byzantine, then connect that one to another end of another star.
Image: 03.jpg
Step 3b:
Double it.
Image: 04.jpg
Step 4:
Do the same to one of the other ends of one of the connected stars.
Image: 05.jpg
Step 5:
Now connect the two ends of the ends of the stars that don't have two byzantine yet to create a triangle (make sure you connect left to right and not right to right).
Image: 05a.jpg Image: 06.jpg Image: 05b.jpg
Step 6:
Add the last star to one of the remaining ends of a star.
Image: 07.jpg
Step 7:
Connect one of the ends of the new star to one of the last ends of another,
Image: 08.jpg
and you get two triangles.
Image: 09.jpg
Step 8:
Now the tricky part: fold up and connect the two remaining ends.
Image: 09a.jpg Image: 11.jpg
And you're done.

You could try to make it captive around a marble or something, though it might make it less flexible.

If you have any comments or questions you can always PM or mail me.
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