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Fishy Spine
Article © MAIL User: Andrew

Fishy Spine is a weave invented by me :D I'm not sure what aspect ratio I used in this tutorial, but the only AR I've tried in real life is an AR of 3.9.

If you have made Centipede before you should find this much easier.
This method of making Fishy Spine is slow and probably hard for some people, but it's the only method I know of.

I've colour coded the rows.
Row 1 : orange
Row 2 : purple
Row 3 : green
Row 4 : blue

The red glowing rods are used to help hold the weave together, but you could always use a small mandrel or some wire instead.

step 1: get some preclosed rings and put them on the glowing rod. The more rings, the longer the finished chain will be.
Image: fishy1.jpg

step 2: now add a ring through the eye of the first 2 rings.
Image: fishy2.jpg

step 3: do it again...
Image: fishy3.jpg

step 4: repeat until you get to the end. Then put a glowing rod through that row so that it holds together.
Image: fishy4.jpg

step 5: add 1 ring to each ring on "the purple row" like so...
Image: fishy5.jpg

step 6: keep going. . . Now put a glowing rod through that row to help hold it together.
Image: fishy6.jpg

step 7: pull the rod going through the green rings up so it lifts the row up, and place it down so that the green rings lay in-between the yellow rings like shown in step 8.
Image: fishy7.jpg

Step 8:
Image: fishy8.jpg

step 9: now join the orange row to the green row like this... through 1 ring on the orange row and through 2 rings on the green row.
Image: fishy9.jpg

step 10: keep going till you get to the end. now you should be able to take the magical red glowing rods out and it should be stable enough.
Image: fishy10.jpg

okie doke i hope you were able to understand that.
good luck.

I almost forgot, while I was making this tutorial I got a bit distracted and made this. Hope you like it.
Image: fishyfun.jpg

If you have any comments or questions please send me a PM and I'll do my best to help you.

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