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Clasps Part 2
(The Other End)
Article © MAIL User: cliffordparker

#1) Start by making a loop in your wire by wrapping around round nosed pliers or a mandrel.
Image: clasp2001.jpg
#2) Bend both wires 90 degrees to make them sit side-by-side.
Image: clasp2002.jpg
#3) Trim shorter wire close enough that it can be covered by two or three wraps.
Image: clasp2003.jpg
#4) Bend long wire close to 90 degrees at the point where the short wire ends.
Image: clasp2004.jpg
#5) Wrap long wire around thicker part of round nosed pliers or another mandrel to make large loop. Make sure that the short wire end rests on the bottom of the loop.
Image: clasp2005.jpg
#6) Holding the large loop with your pliers, wrap the wire around and coil toward the small loop.
Image: clasp2006.jpg
#7) Trim excess wire and adjust the loops with pliers to lay flat and parallel.
Image: clasp2007.jpg

Image: clasp2009.jpg
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