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S Hooks
Article © MAIL User: cliffordparker

#1 Begin loop with round nose pliers.

Image: clasp001.jpg

#2 Trim excess wire from start of loop and continue making loop.

Image: clasp002.jpg

Image: clasp003.jpg

#3 Grasp wire with round nose pliers far enough down to make a larger loop, making sure the first loop is touching the jaws.

Image: clasp004.jpg

#4 Bend wire around pliers making sure to bend toward the back of first loop.

Image: clasp005.jpg

#5 Grasp wire with round nose pliers, making sure to place the wire in the same spot that you used for the first large loop. Again placing the first loop against jaws.

Image: clasp006.jpg

#6 Bend wire around pliers making sure to bend in opposite direction of first large loop.

Image: clasp007.jpg

#7 Grasp wire near X crossing with roundnosed pliers using the same area that you used for the first small loop. Bend wire to start second small loop.

Image: clasp008.jpg

#9 Trim wire and continue forming the small loop. Adjust clasp with flat jaw pliers to make it even and straight.

Image: clasp009.jpg

The clasp can be flattened with a jeweler's hammer when using soft metals. If you have a problem with making consistent sized loops use a magic marker to mark the spot where you formed the first loop. Practice, practice, practice.

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