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Wrapping Beads for Chain Jewelry
Article © MAIL User: cliffordparker

Here is how I do it:

#1 Form loop with round nose pliers.

Image: wrap-001.jpg

#2 Holding loop with needle nose pliers, bend long end 90 degrees.

Image: wrap-002.jpg

#3 Wrap short end of wire around long end, holding the eye with pliers.

Image: wrap-003a.jpg

#4 Trim wire and add bead.

Image: wrap-003b.jpg

Image: wrap-004.jpg

#5 Using the ends of your needle nose pliers for spacing, bend wire a little past 45 degrees. Some tutorials say 90 degrees but I find that this is too much and can lead to "crooked eyes."

Image: wrap-005.jpg

#6 Form second loop with round nose pliers.

Image: wrap-006.jpg

#7 Wrap wire as in step #3.

Image: wrap-007.jpg

#8 Trim excess wire. Adjust loops with needle nose and/or round nose pliers to get them as even and parallel as possible.

Image: wrap-008.jpg

If you have a problem with making consistent sized loops use a magic marker to mark the spot where you formed the first loop. Practice, practice, practice.

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