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Half Persian 4 in 1 the Easiest Way
(Yarn as a Guide)
Article © MAIL User: azul_chromis

The easiest method of starting (and doing) Half Persian 4 in 1
I came up with this idea after trying and failing multiple times to create Half Persian 4 in 1. Stringing the "bottom" rings along a piece of yarn keeps everything in place, so you can see exactly which loop is which. When you're done, just pull the string out. Enjoy!

Image: step1.jpgStep 1. Place three rings on your choice of yarn, string, cord, etc.
Image: step2.jpgStep 2. Insert the first ring as shown. Leave it open at the bottom. Note: the loop you just put in goes in front of the yarn, not around it.
Image: step3.jpgStep 3. Hook a closed ring onto the ring you just inserted. Close the open ring.
Image: step4.jpgStep 4. Thread the end of the rope through the closed ring you just put on, and pull the rope so that the ring slides over to where you're working, with the other rings.
Image: step5.jpgStep 5. This is what it should look like once you've brought that last ring over.
Image: step6.jpgStep 6. Now we just repeat the pattern. Again, drop another ring "onto" the last three loops, and leave it open at the bottom.
Image: step7.jpgStep 7. Hook a closed ring onto the open ends, and close the open ring.
Image: step8.jpgStep 8. Stick the rope through the new ring, and slide it along the length of the rope so it joins the others.
Image: step9.jpgStep 9. This is what it should look like now.
Image: step10.jpgStep 10. Drop another loop down onto the last three loops of the chain. Leave it open so you can hook a closed loop onto it. Once you've placed the new loop, close the open one, and string the new loop onto the rope. Repeat until the chain is the desired length or ad nauseum.

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