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Joining Bore Worm
Article © MAIL User: leman

This is a continuation of my Bore Worm base pattern tutorial. Here we see how to join 2 pieces of Bore Worm chain. I found it quite difficult to describe how to do this, so I'll just let the pictures do most of the talking. :)

Colour Key:
Gold ring: Open ring
Light blue ring: Closed ring
Green ring: Closed ring added in this, or the previous step

Step 1:
Image: borewormjoin01.jpg
Take the end of one of the chain pieces and add 1 open, and 1 pre-closed ring like so:

Step 2:
Image: borewormjoin02.jpg
Now bring in the other piece of chain and link the open ring onto it then close the ring.

Step 3:
Image: borewormjoin03.jpg
Add another ring here and close it.

Step 4:
Image: borewormjoin04.jpg
Add another ring here...

Step 5:
Image: borewormjoin05.jpg
...And close it.

That's all there is to it. You should now be able to create closed loops of Bore Worm chain. :)
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