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Bore Worm
Article © MAIL User: leman

I stumbled onto the Bore Worm weave while following a tutorial for 'Turkish Round' chain. I posted in the M.A.I.L forums to see if anyone recognised it but noone did. Someone suggested I create a tutorial on how I made it, so here we are. :)

UPDATE: Someone pointed out that I neglected to include ring sizes in this tutorial. Well, the ring sizes I used when I was experimenting were 8mm ID rings, made using 1.6mm diameter bright aluminium wire. Which, if I understand correctly means an aspect ratio of exactly 5.0. It should be possible to use slightly smaller rings or thicker wire, but the chain would be very stiff as a result.

Image: boreworm00.jpg

First off, this tutorial assumes that you have rings, and know how to work with them.

Colour Key:
Gold ring: Open ring
Light blue ring: Closed ring
Dark blue ring: Closed ring (different colour is used to make the pattern clearer)
Green ring: Closed ring added in this, or the previous step

Step 1:
Image: boreworm01.jpg
Start by making a straightforward 5 link chain with an extra open ring at the end.

Step 2:
Image: boreworm02.jpg
Put the other end of the chain over the open ring...

Step 3:
Image: boreworm03.jpg
...And close the ring.

Step 4:
Image: boreworm04.jpg
Position the links like this (I find it's easiest to use a pencil, brush, or something else that's long and thin to help hold the rings in place). Experienced maillers should notice that this is starting to look like Inverted Round chain, we'll soon fix that. :)

Step 5:
Image: boreworm05.jpg
This is where it starts to get tricky. You have to hold the rings in this shape. I've found that I can hold them like this if I pinch them between my thumb, index, and middle fingers.

Step 6:
Image: boreworm06.jpg
Add an ring here, and close it.

Step 7:
Image: boreworm07.jpg
Now turn the chain over, add another ring in the same way, and close it as well. You should now have the base pattern in place, now it gets a lot simpler as we extend the chain.

Step 8:
Image: boreworm08.jpg
Add an open ring.

Step 9:
Image: boreworm09.jpg
Add a pre-closed ring and close the open ring from the previous step.

Step 10:
Image: boreworm10.jpg
Add another ring here and close it.

Step 11:
Image: boreworm11.jpg
Add another ring here...

Step 12:
Image: boreworm12.jpg
...And close it.

Step 13:
Image: boreworm13.jpg
That's it! Just repeat steps 8 to 12 to continue extending the chain.
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