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4 Leaf Clover
Article © MAIL User: Jeanpower

This is a very basic decorative chain that works up quickly and looks great when you add beads to the two rings you add in step 2. Once you've got going on this you can change how you make it to be much speedier but these instructions show the basic method.
Note that until you finish the chain as described in step 9, the start will want to curl up and lose its shape.

1. Start with a closed and secured jump ring.
Image: clover1.gif

2. Add two rings to this one.
Image: clover2.gif

3. Link one ring through the two added in step 2.
Image: clover3.gif

4. Spread the two rings added in step 2 apart so they resemble the picture below.
Image: clover4.gif

5. Now pull the end of the ring added in step 3. You want to catch the end of it that sits nearest the other rings.
Image: clover5.gif

6. Add a jump ring to the ring just moved.
Image: clover6.gif

7. Then add one more jump ring to that one
Image: clover8a.gif

8. Repeat steps 2-6 until your chain is the length you require.
Image: clover8.gif

9. Then go back to your original jump ring and pull it as you pulled the others, this will help the chain keep its shape.

If you don’t want to separate the motifs you can lose the extra jump ring between steps 6 and 8. This gives you a chain with a slight twist to it.
Image: clover7.gif

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