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Australian Suppliers
Article © MAIL User: Andrew

When I first started mailing I found it really hard to get supplies down here in Australia but over time I slowly came across more and more places and I thought I would share them with you, but first I asked on the forums to see if any one had any thing to add to the list and I got some good replies from “Zilla” and “loserkid_182” and I would like to thank them for their help.

A&E Metal Merchants
They have a huge selection of clasps and wire , they also stock a few tools like nylon jaw pliers. But 1 note of advice if you are buying bulk wire then don’t go to the york street place. You must go to 68 smith street, marrickville NSW. I would give them a call first though, cause I went into the city to get copper wire but they only have 5 metre packs at the shop. They also give a 10% student discount.

House Of Jewellery
House of jewellery is next to the aemetal shop in york street.
They sell a large range of Saws and display stands, the also sell Abrasive discs and Tumblers.

Badger Wire
They sell aluminium, copper, brass and bronze (on request). Last time I checked they only sell large quantities, however if you go over there he said he would sell any scrap wire hanging around for a low price. They can also do square wire (on request).

Minimum orders
Brass: 2kg

Empire beads
formerly known as The Bead Company, i think they must have changed their name or been bought out or something.
clips , clasps, beads!, crystals and a small range of rings but they are fairly expensive.

finally a place that sells HSS slotting saws however they are very expensive (around $80). They also sell armouring rivets and jump rings.

Twin Plaza Metals
They sell all kinds of silver wire and I’m not sure but I think they also sell gold. They give student discounts and they sell lots of tools including jeweller’s saws, try giving them a call.
7th Floor 222 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000
Ph (02) 92641667, 1800 624752, 1800 882232

AGR (From Zilla)
(Don’t' know what that stands for ... just copied the contact details off a friend.) Two phone numbers, Somerton and Melbourne. Somerton (03) 93086966, Mel. (03) 96542672. The guys that have bought silver from them reckon it's nice stuff and consistent.

Over The Rainbow Polymer Clay and Jewellery (From Zilla)
They sell coloured copper wire (artistic wire), niobium wire and niobium findings to match, some anodised aluminium rings (i.e. very small) and nylon jawed pliers cheaper than anywhere else I've found them so far. They also have some sterling, mainly dead soft 20 gauge.

Apecs (From Zilla)
They make a sterling alloy called Bright Silver that is patented and doesn't firestain. The wire is available in 1mm - 5mm, but will draw to the size required.

Whites Wires
They have a very large selection of tie wire, even in stainless, can be found at most hardware stores. If you want the stainless stuff, try asking a hardware shop to get some in if they don't have any.

Revolution Advanced Metals & Materials
i am pretty sure that if you wanted to buy wire from here you would have to buy a very large amount. they sell stainless steel, Nickel Alloys, Titanium and Titanium Alloys, copper-nickel alloys, nickel silvers, cobalt-based medical alloys, pure molybdenum and molybdenum alloys, tantalum and zirconium... wow that's a lot of metals

makes silver chainmaille jewellery and sells a nice range of kits and jump rings.

A few tips
- If you are buying galvanised steel i wouldn't recommend the brand “koala nails” unless you are limited to that brand because from my past experiences when you coil it the zinc coating starts to flake and it doesn’t look nice, however “whites wires” makes great consistent and shiny wire.

-If you want to buy from Badger wire but you don’t want to buy such a massive amount try asking on the boards if any one wants to go halves with you

-[quoted by loserkid_182 - a good friend of mine works at the house of jewellery. here's a little bit of advice... if you want silver wire, and you usually get it from a&e, go to house of jewellery instead! hoj is actually the wholesaler and a&e buys their wire from them...]

That’s all for now.
I hope you enjoyed reading the article

If you have any others which you would like me to add, or have any questions just send me an email or a PM

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