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Jacob's Ladder
(Spiral 3 in 1)
(Starting With European 6 in 1)
Article © MAIL User: ArmoredDrake

In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to weave Spiral 3 in 1 (Jacob's Ladder), by deconstructing and working off of a piece of European 6 in 1. Spiral 3:1 was originally submitted by MoriDae.

Step 1: First, make a fairly long ribbon of European 6:1, three rows tall. It should be at least as long as in the picture. Also, the rest of the tutorial will make more sense if you leave extra links on the ends, as in the picture.

Image: spiral3-1a.jpg

Step 2: Remove all the links on the top row. Don’t worry too much about the weave losing its shape as you do this; that is the eventual goal anyway. You’ll just be doing the next step a little early.

Image: spiral3-1b.jpg

Step 3: Now, grab the chain by an extra (end) link (red), and pick the whole thing up. It will totally lose its prior form, but that is a GOOD thing. You want it to do that so you can get the spiral; the original weave was just a way to get the links connected in the right way.

Image: spiral3-1bc.jpg

Now, you should still be holding the same red link from the last step, but now the weave attached to it will look entirely different.

Step 4: You don’t have to add anything in this step. See the two green links? Hold onto those as well as the red one on the other end of the chain, and rotate the red link TOWARD you. Continue turning it until you can’t turn it anymore without the weave bunching up.

Image: spiral3-1c.jpg

You have just created a chain of Spiral 3:1.

To add to this chain:

Step 5: Add a link (blue) through the two green links on the right end (the same two green links that you dealt with in Step 4).

Image: spiral3-1d.jpg

Step 6: Now add another link (dark blue). This will only pass through one other link for now. Place it behind the light blue link, passing it through the second of the two green links.

Image: spiral3-1e.jpg

That’s all there is to it; just repeat the last two steps to continue lengthening, treating the blue links as green ones and adding on to those in the same manner as before. Good luck and have fun!
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