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Magus Staff
Article © MAIL User: KendallNightblade

In this tutorial I will instruct you on making Magus Staff, a weave created by myself, KendallNightblade.
The rings used in this tutorial are as follows:
Large - 14g 3/8" hand coiled Bright Aluminum
Small - 18g 5/32" hand coiled Stainless Steel

NOTE. The size of the small rings must be proportional to the gauge of the large rings... i.e. In order to make this weave work the small ring must be able to fit 2x the gauge of the large rings plus 2x its own gauge with just enough room for all rings to move slightly.
Image: mst0.jpg

1) Begin by making a pile of 2-2 units.
Image: mst1.jpg

2) Connect two 2-2 units together as shown. Note that the small rings form an "x", this is very important to the design of the chain.
Image: mst2a.jpg
Image: mst2b.jpg
Flip the ring on the left side over so it can be connected to the vertical rings.
Image: mst2c.jpg
Image: mst2d.jpg
Note the "x".
Image: mst2e.jpg

Note this is the WRONG way to configure the small rings, see how it forms a square rather than an "x". It will be easy to tell if you're doing it wrong because it will be nearly impossible to actually put these rings in, believe me this took five minutes and at least 20 ring drops.
Image: mst2f.jpg
This is the right way, see the "x".
Image: mst2g.jpg

3) Flip the end rings so they form a [weave=Box Chain] like structure... Note I use temporary holder rings so the box stays sturdier while I add the small rings.
Image: mst3.jpg

4) This step should be fairly simple... Connect the edges (red and blue) with another small ring; make sure you pass through the small (green) ring between them.
Image: mst4a.jpg
Image: mst4b.jpg

5) Repeat step four with the remaining three sides. And when you're done you should have a Magus Staff Unit.
Image: mst5.jpg

6) Decide which end you are going to continue and remove the holder ring from that side, also get another 2-2 unit that you will be adding next... Note it doesn't matter what side you continue on it will be the same no matter what.
Image: mst6.jpg

7) Similarly to step two you are going to connect the 2-2 unit to the Magus Staff unit. Start with the inner vertical rings of the Magus Staff unit (red). Connect the bottom ring from the 2-2 (blue) to both vertical rings with 2 small rings.
Image: mst7a.jpg
Image: mst7b.jpg
Flip the other ring from the 2-2 unit over and connect it to the vertical rings.
Image: mst7c.jpg
Image: mst7d.jpg
Image: mst7e.jpg
Keep in mind the importance of the small rings forming an "x". If they don't form an "x" then you cannot continue.
Image: mst7f.jpg

8) Flip the two loose rings back to form a Box structure as in step three, you can add another holder ring if you need but it is up to you.
Image: mst8.jpg

9) Continue exactly as you did in step four, connecting the edge rings and the small ring in between with another small ring; don't forget to pass the small ring you're adding through the small ring between the edges you're connecting.
Image: mst9a.jpg
This is a close up of how the two small rings connect with the large ones and each other.
Image: mst9b.jpg

10) Repeat steps 6-9 to continue adding units to increase the length of your staff.
Image: mst10.jpg

NOTES on Construction:
- It seems that the longer you make the staff the harder it becomes to add units, as in step 7. Adding the final two small connecting rings that form the "x" becomes very difficult, not impossible just difficult.
- This weave can be reinforced with a 1/8" rod, well four rods, along the sides, I haven't explored this much but it does work.
Image: mstrf.jpg
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