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Deconstructing Half Persian 3 in 1 into a 2 in 1 Chain
Article © MAIL User: MrMaigo

What good is a 2 in 1 Chain? 2in1 chain can be a very economical way to recycle your scrap weaves. Most standard weaves can be simply broken down into it and therefore, be constructed from it. e.g. European 4 in 1, European 5 in 1, Elfweave, Byzantine, Jap, Half Persian 3 in 1.

HP 3-1 into 2in1 chain has a little theory to it. One capturing ring will release 3 hostage rings, the bottom hostage ring connects to the 2in1 chain.

There's really only 1 step to repeat, but it's explained as 4 steps. All you need to remember is: The ring connected to the 2in1 chain is always one ring down and one over from ring to remove, and they switch sides every time.

Step 1:
There's no 2in1 chain to start with, so it could be either the blue or orange ring, I picked the blue ring. The green ring to remove is always one up/one over from the blue connecting ring. REMOVE THE GREEN RING.
Image: hp31to21chain-1.jpg

Step 2:
Now we switched sides. Now the blue ring is connected to the yellow chain. Move one up/one over from your connecting ring and you again find green the ring to remove.
Image: hp31to21chain-2.jpg

Step 3:
We're back at where we started, this time with a 2in1 chain. Up & over from the connecting ring, remove.
Image: hp31to21chain-3.jpg

Step 4: Repeat by removing the ring one up and one over from your connecting ring.
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