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Low Cost Bowl Necklace Display!
Article © MAIL User: Hawkwolf

Here's an idea I came up with for a cheap, good looking display for my necklaces and chokers. You need:

Image: necktute1.jpg

1. A bowl (mine was from the steak border bowl from taco bell. hmmmm...feeling hungry.....),

2. Some spare cardboard, or wood or whatever you like to use. Doesn't matter what it looks like, as you can see, 'cause it gets covered up. Depends how long you want it to last, I suppose.

3. Some fabric that matches your fancy.

So, construction:

1. For a base, cut out two equal longish triangles and a rectangle that matches the height of the triangles short side. You'll notice throughout this tutorial that I am NOT a measuring freak.

Image: necktute2.jpg

2. For the main display, cut out a largish rectangle that fits the bowl and some extra length in the front. You can see that I drew a circle around the bowl on my board before I cut it out. I would make at least 1/3 extra length in the front, but you can adjust for your tastes.

Image: necktute3.jpg

3. Glue the bowl to the board. I used 5 minute epoxy, that stuff is awesome!

4. Cut out your fabric. I used about 4 times the long measurement of the board and gave about an inch on each side. Mebbe 2 1/2 feet by 8 inches? Told ya I don't measure.

Image: necktute4.jpg

5. I did this the quick and dirty way, so you guys will probably be able to come up with a MUCH better method for this. I just wrapped the fabric around the board and bowl where the end of the fabric ended up on the bottom, where it wouldn't show so much, and so that the weight of the display would keep the fabric from coming loose.
There have been suggestions to make a 'bag' with elasticized edges, that you could stretch over the whole thing, and making it look more streamlined.

Image: necktute5.jpg

6. Then tape or glue your earlier two support triangles to the support rectangle, making a slanted base. Set the display on top and Voila! Your very own cheap display that looks great!!

Image: necktute6.jpg

Here it is displaying a necklace:

Image: necktute7.jpg


Image: necktute8.jpg

And there it is! If you'd like to make it heavier/more sturdy, a thicker piece of wood can be used for the base, and for the slanted stand.

Have a great day!
Tadd (AKA Hawkwolf)
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