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Helm Chain
(Parallel Chain)
Article © MAIL User: Vacacita

Helm/Parallel Chain

Helm/Parallel Chain
by Theresa Olin (Vacacita)
Image: vacahelmchain.jpg

This weave is known by the names Helm Chain (from the Finnish term) and Parallel chain (for the parallel rows of rings). It can be thought of as a 2-2 chain made with two ring sizes, with large orbital rings sandwiched between each pair of large rings and encircling each pair of small rings. Two sizes of rings are needed, such that the smaller ring will fit inside the larger ring with a bit of room to spare. A good general guideline is that a pair of ring sizes that will work for Dragonscale will work for Helm chain. (In fact, following the first few steps of Dragonscale and doubling the small rings will result in Helm chain.) I've successfully used 20awg 3/16" & 20awg 1/8" and 18swg 5/16" & 18swg 7/32".

There are a few different ways to weave this chain. I prefer the following method for its efficiency. You will need pre-closed small and large rings, and you'll be working with open large rings.


1. Put four closed small rings onto one large ring. Arrange them as shown.

Image: vacahelmstep1.jpg

2. Place a closed large ring (bronze) around one pair of small rings. This will be an orbital ring, so it will not go through any other rings.

Image: vacahelmstep2.jpg

3. Pass a large ring (gold) through the two "orbited" small rings. This will partially lock the orbital ring in place. Continue passing the large ring through the other two small rings. This new ring mirrors the large ring from step 1.

Image: vacahelmstep3.jpg

4. Put two more small rings onto a large ring, and pass the large ring through the two orbited small rings. I find it easiest to place the new ring underneath the orbital ring. Arrange the rings as shown.

Image: vacahelmstep4.jpg

5. Place another closed large ring around the small rings you just added.

Image: vacahelmstep5.jpg

6. Pass a large ring through the newest pair of small rings and continue passing through the orbited rings from the last step. This will completely lock in the first orbital ring and partially lock in the second orbital ring.

Image: vacahelmstep6.jpg

7. Repeat steps 4-6 for the length of the chain.

8. To finish the chain, leave out the last orbital ring before you add the last gold ring. This end should look just like the starting end.

Image: vacahelmstep8.jpg

9. Add a clasp using each pair of non-orbited small rings on each end.

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