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Okay, this is a tutorial for a very well-known weave Byzantine. It is using my "speed weaving" method. It isn't exactly speed weaving (that definition varies among how you do it), but it is faster than most ways of building Byzantine. In this tutorial, I am using 16 gauge 1/4", but my AR is a bit too high. An AR of 3.9 is good; it makes it not lay flattish. This is using 2 inner connecting rings. Now, to the tutorial.

Step 1:
First, make a 2-2-2 unit. I am using stainless, copper and brass, for ease of identification. You don't need to, it just helps the explanation process.

Image: move1.jpg

Step 2:
Now, fold one of the the brass rings under the steel rings, and one above them, leaving them sticking out somewhat.

Image: move2.jpg

Step 3:
Hook a steel ring through the brass rings, but in-between the copper rings. Do NOT close it.

Image: move3.jpg

Step 4:
Put two closed brass rings on this open ring. Close the stainless ring.

Image: move4.jpg

Step 5:
Double that steel ring, and put two copper rings on those two brass rings. At this point, you are essentially back at step 1.

Image: move5.jpg

Step 6:
Like in step 2, fold one of the farthest right rings under the second to the right rings and one above them.

Image: move6.jpg

Step 7:
Put a steel ring through the copper rings, and do NOT close it.

Image: move7.jpg

Step 8:
Again, put two closed rings on the open one, and close it. Double this steel ring.

Image: move8.jpg

Step 9:
Add on two rings to the farthest right rings.

Image: move9.jpg

To continue, repeat steps 5-9.

As you can see, 16 gauge 1/4" rings are too loose, causing rings to flop easily, like here.

Image: move10.jpg

To rectify this, you could make the two connecting rings 3, like this:

Image: move11.jpg

Or use a lower AR:

Image: move12.jpg

There are many fun things to do with Byzantine, like moebiusing the rings.

Image: move13.jpg

or doing a 3 connecter moebius: (yes, I know the picture is a bit fuzzy)

Image: move14.jpg

Also try using beads on wire for connecters, or other redundant things.

Have fun with this cool weave!

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