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Gridlock Byzantine
Article © MAIL User: MaxumX

In continuing with my pattern of Loke’s weaves, here is Gridlock Byzantine in CGI. You should get your self familiar with Vipera Berus and Vipera Berus 4 in 1, as this is the basis of them, and knowing them will allow you to more easily grasp the concept of the modifications to the base weave and allow you to adapt your own weaves. Okay let's get started:

Wire size 14g
Ring ID: 5/16"
AR: 3.9

Step one: Start off by making a section of Gridlock only three rows wide.

Image: gridbyz1.jpg

Step two: Now add two rings to the vertical rings, one to each side. Face them inwards.

Image: gridbyz2.jpg

Step three: Flip the whole thing over. Now add two rings like you did the first time, but have them go through the previous step's rings as well. See below:

Image: gridbyz3.jpg

Step four: Flip it over again, repeat step three.

Image: gridbyz4.jpg

Step five: Continue to flip and repeat till you’ve completed your work.

Image: gridbyz5.jpg

Have fun and good luck.
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