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Vipera Berus 4 in 1
Article © MAIL User: MaxumX

Vipera Berus 4 in 1 (by Loke) is the same as Vipera Berus, only starting with a European 4 in 1 section rather than a 2 in 1 Chain.

When making this weave, I found it was possible to make it even or odd, meaning you can make it so that the reversing direction rings either line up or counter each other. I’ve done this tut so that the ring are countering each other. But I put the “even” pic at the end as well.

Ring size: 0.288" ID (1/4")
Wire diameter: 12g (3/32" or .093")
AR: 3.1

Step one: Make a section of 4in1, any length is good.

Image: vb4in11.jpg

Step two: Now just as you were to make Vipera Berus, add two rings, one to each side. The top ring goes through 1 and 3 and the bottom ring goes through 2 and 4.

Image: vb4in12.jpg

Step three: Similar to step two, only you have to reverse the rings and put it through the first rings.

Image: vb4in13.jpg

Step four: This is step two, only you have to put it through the two rings in step three. Like this:

Image: vb4in14.jpg

Step five: Repeat step three and four again and again till you are done.

Image: vb4in15.jpg

This is the "even way" of doing it. It's made the same way, only you match up the bottom ring instead of opposing them.

Image: vb4in15a.jpg
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