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(Simple Chain; Pre-closed Rings; Lockwashers)
Article © MAIL User: Drax

Trinitymaille is a weave that Lorenzo introduced to the mailling community many years ago. It has the usual properties of a Persian sheet, in that it tends to curl, and it has a handedness.

As with Persian weaves, the initial building part of the weave can be a nightmare, and a small patch of the weave can easily morph into a mess.

This tutorial starts with a simple chain (2 in 1 Chain) and builds trinity from there. I highly recommend coloring the bottom left ring (or some other reference ring, you'll see the one in the pictures has black ink on it), so that if your initial piece of trinity does shift around, you can shift it back. This tutorial also uses pre-closed rings (after the initial chain).

Any ring size that will work for European 4 in 1 will work for trinity, and you can also use slightly smaller ring sizes, too. The pictures in this tutorial use #10 split steel lockwashers, which form an incredibly dense trinity. This material is what Lorenzo used in his vest (a popular picture, check out his gallery section).

Start by making a simple chain, as long as you like:

Image: dab_tri1.jpg

Next, open a ring and add a pre-closed ring; attach the open ring to the *second* link in the simple chain, close it, and arrange them like so (note the coloration for reference):

Image: dab_tri2.jpg

Open another ring and add a pre-closed ring; weave the open ring through the pre-closed ring of the previous step, and the 4th ring of the simple chain below (you'll need to add it in a proper orientation, refer to the pic).

Image: dab_tri3.jpg

Repeat the previous step -- open another ring and add a pre-closed ring; weave the open ring through the pre-closed ring of the previous step, and the 6th ring of the simple chain below. Continue this process till the end. NOTE! This method is like building a simple chain on top of a simple chain, but occasionally linking it to the one below (every other ring).

Image: dab_tri4.jpg

Start a new row as you did before. You'll need about 4 rows total before the weave stabilizes enough that you won't have to worry about it rearranging (or, if it does, it's easier to tell the way it should go back).

Image: dab_tri5.jpg

Repeat adding rows as many as you like. Enjoy, it's a spectacular weave. Simple, yet beautiful.
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