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Adapting Beads To Use In Maille
Article © MAIL User: Aderamelech

Beads are a great addition to a maille project, be they added as a small decoration, or take the place of links in the design. Using beads requires almost no new tools that are not already used for maille. The one thing different might be a pair of round head pliers.

Image: bead1.jpg

In order to attach a bead, the first thing to do is get a piece of wire with a thin enough gauge that it can fit inside of the bead. Cut a length of this wire and put a small loop at the end by shaping it around your round pliers.

Image: bead2.jpg

Then slide the bead onto the wire and round off the other end in the same way.

Image: bead3.jpg

You can now attach the bead by sliding rings through the loops on either side.

Image: bead4.jpg

In this configuration, beads are often used in place of the vertical links of a Japanese weave. If the bead and ring size is compatable, you can just hang a bead on one of your links before adding it to a design.

Image: bead5.jpg

For beads that you want to hang off the edge of a piece, you will need to get a flat head pin, available at all jewelry and craft stores. Just slip the bead on, cut the pin to the proper length, and round off the end to fit a ring.
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