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Full Persian 6 in 1 Grizzly
Article © MAIL User: Tesserex

Full Persian 6 in 1 Grizzly

This is a Full Persian 6 in 1 variant where the "arrows" on each side of the weave face the same way. It is accomplished by changing one side so that the TEs are on the outside of the previous set of rings, instead of the inside. If you do this same switch to both sets of rings, you get Full Persian - Dense.

New rings are gold, old rings are silver. The ones used here are 18g 5/16, with 5% springback (.048, .324).

1. Start with a 2-2 unit as shown.
Image: 1.jpg

2. Add two new rings to the second unit of two.
Image: 2.jpg

3. Position the rings from step 2 outside the first set. Run rings through the eyes between sets of horizontal rings on the outside of the vertical set. This will begin some of the angling of rings.
Image: 3.jpg

4. Add two new rings through the two from step 3.
Image: 4.jpg

5. Like step three, position the rings from step 4 outside the previous set and run rings through the eyes on the outside.
Image: 5.jpg

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to any length you wish.
Image: grizzly.jpg

This AR should be flexible in reality, because I spent a lot of time adjusting my renderings to make sure there were no rings coinciding.
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