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Persian 4 in 1 Sheet
(Flip Method)
Article © MAIL User: Tesserex

Persian 4 in 1 Sheet

This is not an easy weave to create. On top of that, this is not the easiest way to make it, at least to me; it's the first way I discovered, though. In comparison with the eye method, this one is rotated 45 degrees.

1. Start with a chain of HP 3-1 Flip. Tutorial: Half Persian 3 in 1 Flip
Image: 1.jpg

2. Attach an open ring to the top left ring (you must make sure that the first unit is face up for this to work. Also, if your handedness is reversed from mine, start on the right side, and mirror the process). Add a closed ring to it. Lay NOT as shown. I was making a lot of mistakes, since I had to redo the whole row about four times and didn't feel like another. Lay the top ring the other way. The open ring you added is technically going to be in the second row, not the third.
Image: 2.jpg

3. Now you can see how that last ring was supposed to go. Run a ring through the eye between it and the parallel one below it, and close it. Make sure you do this behind the first ring you added.
Image: 3.jpg

4. Run a ring around the eye between the ring you just added and the parallel one in front of it, and close it.
Image: 4.jpg

5. Another TE like in step three...
Image: 5.jpg

6. And another AE like step four.
Image: 6.jpg

This was probably not an easy article to follow, as it was not easy to write. I actually had to redo it a few times and still made mistakes, just like my other one. You can continue adding rows and it will extend upward and to the left, in my case.

Note: My two sheets in the tutorials have opposite handednesses.
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